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1000word Presentation

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For my two main placements I have chosen to work on a self-managed project (Hereward Documentary) and a constructed/self-managed project placement (Atlantic Whale Foundation – AWF). The reasoning behind choosing mostly self-managed projects is this most reflects the freelance way of working, taking projects as and when they approach the worker or the worker approaches them. Also both these projects being for important organisations means that I had to work on a professional level. Both projects were for important organisations, meaning I had to work to a professional level.

Although I went out to the AWF to create a documentary, given the projects the co-ordinator wanted us to complete, there was not enough time to complete this and as he enlightened us similar projects had been tried and tested in the past, which is why he wanted us to work on some promotional videos for the boats as our individual project as well as conducting the research on the boats. This was certainly a test managing time, as trying to gain footage while researching and working on the boats cleaning etc added to the challenge of producing a video that captures the ‘life and soul’ of the boats. This was a challenge that was not so easily overcome but after several discussions with the other co-ordinators we were able to have more people on the boats so that we could conduct the filming, while they conducted the research. Also we negotiated on a daily basis which boats we would go on the following day, and who, depending on what work needed completing.

Skills I already had prior to these placements allowed me to develop the project in a professional manner. This mostly came from me being a hard-worker, where I will not stop until a piece reaches perfection and reaches the requirements of the project. So for example with Hereward I constantly took on board feedback from group discussions, viewings with the main contacts Paul and Mandy and tutors in order to improve it further. This was also the case at AWF where we would hold a meeting every night and should I have something to show I would show it to the whole group to gain feedback in order to improve it for the next viewing. The problems that were similar in both placements came down to grading and sound where some of the voices were a lot lower than the rest or there was a lot of background noise which I kept working at to improve it as there was no other chance to re-shoot – particularly some of the important interviews. Also during these placements I have been able to use my leadership and organisational skills again with Hereward as Director I had to manage the crew and ensure that everyone was aware of what we were doing. As for AWF working on the promotional videos was Adam Broome and me, so with only the two of us we had no specific roles but we discussed and delegated what footage needed capturing and co-edited the videos. I think that we worked well as a team as we would constantly update one another with what was to be completed, where we were at and discuss on a regular basis our aims.

This placement has enhanced my future thinking as before this I was unsure whether it was studio work or freelance work and now reflecting on what I have achieved I would like to continue with the freelance style but one of my future aims will be to experience something studio based to see if this is really the path I would like to go down.

Both placements have allowed me to work freely whereby the guidelines/project requirements were given and I had to use my own knowledge to develop the ideas into a masterpiece. So for example Hereward began with the basic idea of a documentary about living with Aspergers and it was left to our expertise to develop this into something worthwhile. After my input and discussions with colleagues about the storyline it developed into a poignant piece about the struggles with the syndrome and how each individual has developed overtime to gain independence with valuable outlooks for the future. This we closely worked on with our main contacts Paul and Mandy where we constantly updated each other with new ideas and met up regularly to discuss this meaning we were able to meet their demands as we were on the same level of understanding and would develop the documentary around what both of our perceptions of the final outcome were.

One of my weaknesses I mentioned previously prior to the project was lack in confidence and voicing my own opinions, which is something that has improved tremendously during this project, being Director I have had to make everyone aware of my thoughts about where the project is going and not just to the crew but to the main contacts at Hereward as well to discuss progress and organize meetings to further develop it. Another weakness I discussed was over-working and I have found with this project I have been able to manage my time more appropriately to suit, the college, my colleagues and myself. Working on the project over a longer period of time has allowed me to schedule more realistically in order to make the end product a success as shooting schedules were well planned and not rushed along with edit days.

During my placements I have shown work that a freelance worker would do; working on various projects for a selected period of time rather than in a work place. This has suited me as I like this way of working, taking job opportunities as and when they come rather than having a set working pattern. This also suits me because I am happy to travel while working which I have shown as my other main placement at AWF over in Tenerife. Here the project was slightly different creating promotional videos, for the boats the foundation use, for a website where tourists can buy dolphin/whale watching from AWF, meaning they gain some revenue. Skills as a freelance worker include being able to adapt to new environments promptly which I think I achieved well at particularly at AWF where I fitted in very quickly. Another skill which is extremely valuable is communication and I feel I have developed this a lot by meeting strangers on a daily basis and being able to talk to them about the projects I am working on and on a wider scale what the AWF are developing overseas.

To conclude it has been extremely rewarding to see how my work affects others which became particularly clear while working at Hereward, seeing how my influence has inspired the students in a positive way. Also in terms of further achievements I feel like I am now able to contact and set up projects as with both these projects I have had to speak to strangers and build up a contact base/relationship in order to film the best footage and gain their trust to do so.

Hereward Final Filming

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Today Yasmin, Adam and I went to Hereward College to finish off the filming and gain the shots as previously mentioned. It was a real success and it was really good to go back and see yet again how the students have improved.

During today’s filming session we opened the ambition letters that the students wrote in January to see if they had achieved the goals they had set for themselves and in some cases it was so nice to see that they had reached these goals and in fact improved in more ways that they had expected. I won’t mention any students in particular but just that it is so good to see that they value this. This will be seen in the documentary within the structure of the film.

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Hereward College on this project and I look forward to finishing the edit ready for the screening two weeks tomorrow. This should be completed by Friday this week ready to be seen by Paul to check for any minor changes that may need making.

Week 4 AWF

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Day 23   25/4/11

During the edit day today I went through the whole structure and turned it around so that it made sense then spent a long time working on the sound levels fading them out so that Massimo did not seem so distant. Also I went out and recorded some ambient sound to add to the video which I will work on, on Thursday.


Day 24   26/4/11

This was meant to be interview day with Hilda on the Free Bird One however the boat trips were so busy and afterwards us volunteers and crew had to leave the boat sharply which meant we had to re-schedule for tomorrow morning.

Me and Adam were on together today so between us we managed to get some good footage together for when we edit  again.


Day 25   27/4/11

Again the interview with Hilda is terminated as she did not turn up. This meant that I was left at the port and could not get on any boats we needed so went on a boat to do some AWF research work, so I still made good use of my day just not in terms of the projects set. This was a little disheartening as not this means only one boat will be complete but I have a back-up idea and this is to write a script for a voice over which I will start work on tomorrow. It is a shame Hilda cannot do it now but still at least a script will be something and I know what I wanted her to say.

Day 26   28/4/11

Final edit day and I get to work finished off the sound on Katrin leaving it in a finished state ready for Adam to give his feedback when he comes back from his second Teide Challenge.

Also today I started to structure the Free Bird One promo a lot more going through all of the footage and picking out what best show the boat for what it is. I then started work on the script for the promo which still needs a lot of work and has been a little harder than I thought. This video we will finish when we get back to the UK when we have more time as I do not want to rush it and produce a half-hearted piece that will not get used anyway.


Day 27   29/4/11

Today being the final day we just brought together the pieces that we have completed or almost completed ready for assessment. Katrin we finished off today which can be seen in the link below;

As a final reflection I have learnt so much from this placement, not all media based but particularly in general skills like communication – constantly talking to complete strangers about the work the AWF does and gaining a common background with some of the tourists which allowed me to talk about the work I was doing which most were genuinely interested in. Also in the house building up friendships/links with people has been a lot easier than I first ever imagined, which has been extremely valuable to me as it has left me a lot more open minded about the world and already have started to think about my final major project whereby I would like to find a character for a documentary with a real interest and passion for something such as this project, so time will tell where I go with that. The influence of the people and the place has only made me stronger and this I will take back to University with me and just generally in everyday life. I could not have picked a

Week 3 AWF

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Day 16   18/4/11

To begin the Edit me and Adam sat down to look through all of the footage from the boats and decided firstly on which we would like to go through with. Without a doubt Katrin was top of our list as this is the one we have the most footage for, therefore we began to edit this. Other boats we are going to be working on are Free Bird One as it is reliable with letting AWF on, Must Cat as Ed is in the process of organising an interview with the captain and Eden (this least as last time I tried to get on this boat it was full and this has been the case for many other volunteers this week, so firstly we will see how this week goes).

We had a talk to Ed about this so that he knows that we are only going to be working on 4 boats from now on as with only 2 of us working on this project there is not enough time to get all of the footage and interviews and edit them all together, therefore the other boats will be completed by the other 4 media colleagues from Coventry,

After we had gone through the footage we began to write a list of what was needed so first of all Katrin so we could finish it off;

–          Shots to get; sails, Massimo working, Leaving the dock , Cliffs at Los Gigantes and the Captain.

–          Interview

–          Edit together

–          Music

–          AWF Logo

On Thursday I am going to concentrate on the music and logo, as for now I wrote out interview questions ready for Wednesday’s Interview with Massimo while Adam continued editing the footage together. The Interview goes as follows;

–          What sort of boat is Katrin and what sort of trip do you do?

–          Where do the trips go to and why?

–          What should people expect to see when they come on board Katrin?

–          How would you describe the crew treat the tourists?

–          What sort of tourists do you mostly attract?

–          How likely are you to see Whales/Dolphins?

–          Why do you like the sea life so much?

–          Do you have any memorable stories to tell about you years on Katrin?

Also from here I looked into some of the boats to see which already had promo. videos and if not if they had a website already. I found a website for every boat and a video, the only boat that did not have a video is Katrin so it is good we are working on this one first.

As for Free Bird One we need to;

–          Shots to get; captain, boat leaving dock, more close-ups of dolphins/whales, crew, swim time and food/bar.

–          Organise an Interview with Hilda.

I am on the Free Bird One tomorrow so I will organise an interview with Hilda ready for this week or early next week.

Day 17   19/4/11

Managed to get the shots we needed on Free Bird One today just a few more of the crew that need shooting other than this I think this one is coming along quite nicely too now. I also organised an interview with Hilda and she suggested next Tuesday to be best for her therefore this is when it will be at 6pm when the boat comes back from the days excursions and will give us the chance to complete the last few shots that we need to get.


Day 18   20/4/11

Massimo’s Interview day has arrived and when we arrive at the port we first get told the boat is fully booked but given the weather and the sea starting to roughen up we stayed there to see if any of the tourists did not turn up and lucky for Adam and I there was plenty of room of the boat today for us on both trips. This was brilliant as it allowed us to get the last few pick up shots that we needed.

There was a lot of spray off the sea during this trip and we came across a rain cloud that we were stuck in for a while which meant we could not film because of damaging the equipment as that does not give off the best image suggesting that the trip is rainy and gloomy. When we came back to the port the sea was that rough the waves were coming over the harbour wall and therefore we had to change the location from in front of the boat for the interview to across the other side of the dock so that Katrin is in the distance behind Massimo as he is talking.

The interview generally went well other than a lot of background noise of drills so we had to keep stopping and starting the interview which is maybe why sometimes he answered so shortly to the questions, even more so than in the mock interview. This could be a problem in the edit but at this point he will not give any more information out and the interview would become unnatural if we did it again next week. Also now we are running short of time.


Day 19   21/4/11

Today during the edit we went through the interview in detail and picked out the best bits structuring them in the timeline, then working around the footage we already had making the visual meet the audio. Then I went onto work on the logo which I did using Adobe Premiere Pro.

For the logo I wanted the AWF logo to spin and then freeze just to round off the videos only needing to be 4seconds long. This however took me 3 hours to make as the image of the logo was very pixelated so I had to use Adobe Photoshop to rectify this and also change the background to black so that it looks more professional. Once this was completed I then imported the logo into Adobe Premiere Pro, this I did with a white and black background on the logo to see which looked best. I achieved the movement on the image by setting key frames and rotating the image.

After testing both I decided to go for the black as it looked much more professional and has a cleaner finish.  This I then exported and gave to all media volunteers to add to the end of their films. (This can be seen at the end of the promo’s)

I then went on to look for music that would fit in with the Katrin promo. and with it being for a family audience I wanted something quite quiet, soft, relaxed maybe something classical or even just strings. In the end after hours of researching I came across a string track which I gave Adam to add to the promo which we will screen tonight.

The screening went well but already I could see problems starting with the structure Adam had put it together in the structure of the interview but it did not work this way, also the sound Massimo’s voice is very quiet compared to the music and some of the shots are held for quite a long time…another thing I noticed was the grading, some of the shots are quite over exposed compared to others therefore I will look at this next week on the editing day.


Day 20   22/4/11

Today I went out on the Eden to film and gather some beginnings of footage. The sea was really rough and this meant that I could not stand on the boat as it was constantly moving so I was able to get some footage but it was very shaky and the second trip was cut short due to the atrocious weather conditions.

This is a shame that every time we try with Eden something goes wrong and therefore we are going to just concentrate on getting Katrin and Free Bird One finished rather than trying to rush all the projects and them all getting left half finished.

Week 2 AWF

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Day 8   10/4/11

During the day today we all went to Los Gigantes to do the Masca Walk. I would not have mentioned this during my media diary however some of the views on the way down through the cliffs were spectacular and I spent most of the walk taking pictures and thought it important to show these pictures on here as events like this are helping to develop my stills photography skills. Here I was really in my element and could have spent hours more taking pictures of the beautiful scenery. In terms of the walk itself it was quite tiring but being able to shoot made it worthwhile and I quite enjoy a good scenic walk.

When we arrived back this night we discussed with Ed in more detail our thoughts about the projects he wanted us to do;

–          Boats Promo.  I really like the idea of this one and think that we can do it justice having worked on 3 different boats last week. Ed would like us to make 8 videos in total which is a challenge in itself given we only have 3 weeks and out of this only 9 days on boats which means a boat per day filming – this we may struggle with as we would like to conduct interviews with the crew as well to build the pace up of the promo and give the audience someone to relate to. However generally this week we will see how this project is going and then discuss later in the week with Ed where the project will end up.

Generally the boats videos need to be 2-3minutes long and capture the life and soul of the boats from the crew to the tourists as every boat is different – maybe in class but also in terms of couples or family orientated trips.

–          Teide Challenge. I like this project too but I chose to do the other as I thought in the long run it would be a lot more challenging. The aim for this project is to create a sense of mission and ambition to persuade people to do the Teide Challenge. Taking them on a journey to inspire them following a group of people doing the challenge – from fundraising to packing and nerves before to the climb struggles etc to the achievement at the end of it.

I now look forward to tomorrow when the boat promo. filming will begin. From this point although just me and Adam are working on the boat promo and Yasmin, Anca and Aivaras we will structure the boat days so that only one media person is on any given boats so that we can spread the work load and as the 3 working on Teide will help with our filming, Adam and I will help with the filming as directed when climbing Teide. The Teide Challenge has been organised for Thursday over 24hours (day 12/13).

Day 9   11/4/11

Down to Puerto Colon where the filming will begin, today I am on the Eden. The day began well as the Eden does not go out until 11am however I arrived at the port at 8.30am therefore once the morning mist had lifted I began to shoot some of the boats in the dock and got some nice close-up shots of the Eden as well as general pans. This was also helped by the use of Ria’s lens (as it is a lot larger than mine) allowing me to get closer to the boats and focus on the detail.

10.30 arrives and I go over to the boat and bad news strikes…the boat is full for both the trips today. This was going to happen sometime soon but typical the day I needed to start filming. I did ask if just one of us could go on board  as we always work in pairs or more on the boats but it was just too full. This was a shame and meant that we were set back, however given the time that we were trying to film during Easter Break now there are a lot of tourists about meaning full boats which was the case for several others today. I used this time wisely and began to think about which boats would most likely let us on due to them being a lot larger particularly during this busy period as with so many boats to film it is vital no more days are missed.

Day 10   12/4/11

Today was much more of a success than yesterday as to begin with we managed to get on a boat and regardless of what I said about the filming prospects on the Free Bird One I knew that we would be able to get on board. The trouble was with having to work and only being able to film during interactions capturing the crew and bar/food/swim etc was profoundly difficult particularly as well as we had only two of us on this boat and for some reason it was particularly busy. Fortunately for the second trip and volunteer joined us as their boat did not go out and therefore this meant more time to film as two could constantly work while the other photographed as that was Louise’s project and I could film on a rota basis which was very helpful.

Today I was unable to gain good footage of the whales that we saw due to the boat being so busy and when filming from the top deck the whales were so far away however the footage of the captain on outlook is really good and I managed to capture some of the tourists enjoying the trip and entering the boat which will give us something to work from when we come to edit.

I am feeling a lot more positive about this project now I have been able to actually film. I am on the boats again tomorrow as well as Adam as we felt that this week it was important to work on various boats to gain an array of footage which we could then look at next week as this week we also have the Teide Challenge which will not give us time to edit. At this point as well we spoke to the co-ordinators who put together the boat schedules so that we could have first picks on the boats as we had already got an idea of which boats were going to be good to complete and go forth with.


Day 11   13/4/11

Today I have been down at the other port in Los Gigantes working on Katrin. My first impressions of this boat was that it seemed like a nice little boat made for families and we were welcomed very warmly by the crew who made sure we were ok throughout the trip and the best thing is we did not have to do work for them which meant our priorities lay with the data sheets which my colleague completed while I got to work on the filming. Also at the port today are Adam and Anca going out on the Son Caliu, this boat leaves slightly later than Katrin which meant they were able to get some good shots of the boat leaving the port.

I definitely had a good feeling about today from here onwards and that was a positive on what had happened earlier in the week. Also after the trip today we will be conducting a mock interview with Massimo one of the crew (which Adam arranged yesterday) so that he is prepared for the actual interview we will do next week as we will still need to gain a few last  shots footage wise.

I managed to collate some really good footage of the boat itself tourists and the dolphins and whales we saw as being a small boat with not many people there was plenty of manoeuvrability. Also Massimo is a very talkative friendly member of the crew which shows though in some of the footage like one shot I got where he comes up to the screen with the bell and just seeing him generally interacting with the tourists. During the mock interview some of his answers were very abrupt but hopefully the practice will help him open up in front of the camera next time, as in reality he is a character yet when interviewed a lot of the questions were cut very short.

Tonight we showed a very rough cut of the footage we had gathered over the last few days for the Katrin as this was the boat we felt most confident about. The footage did not play very clearly on the projector due to the file Adam exported it as however it gave Ed and the other volunteers an insight into what we had been working on. The general feedback we gained was that the whale/dolphin shots were beautiful which was really rewarding to hear and then complaints about the sound etc however at this point there is no interview, background music and the shots are just placed together rather than structured. This is something that we will look into on Monday as we have this as our designated edit day.


Day 12/13   14/4/11 – 15/4/11

Morning of the Teide Challenge and I’m feeling well prepared with all my food, water and clothes just wondering exactly how cold it will be over night up there. Right now I’m feeling excited, worried, scared, nervous so many emotions running through my head and no doubt this will happen throughout the whole journey.

Yasmin and the Tiede Challenge camera crew are all ready and they have asked for me to just get any shots that I think may be useful, so this is what I did during the Challenge I got together many shots of the group in front of me walking as I noticed they were getting a lot of scenic footage.

The climb was a huge achievement and I came down at the end of it feeling so enthused and wanting to continue doing activities such as this in the future. We all worked together really well as a team, as with the group of 8 of us only meeting last week, we bonded really well and helped each other when there as a moment of struggling. I think that this was an excellent team building activity and we supported each other so well particularly at base camp and walking up to the summit as this was the hardest bit – by this point we were tired and extremely cold (my water had a layer of ice from the couple of hours sleep we had when I come to drink it again). When we reached the summit we were early for the sunrise and therefore got back into our sleeping bags all huddled up waiting, our cameras at the ready to photograph it. We were extremely lucky with the weather really as the views from up there are so spectacular and there was hardly and cloud or mist. This was particularly apparent through the night where the moon was so close and so big that it lit the area we were staying it also helped there being a lot of snow I guess as well, as the light reflected off it.

The last climb was hard and I hope that the footage the guys got looks ok as it was hard enough scrambling up the rocks without thinking about filming.

So pleased with myself and so happy that the people around me have been such good colleagues as there was not a moment when we did not wait or left someone if they were finding breathing difficult with the altitude. Really looking forward to seeing the edit of this as portraying the challenge I think may be a task in itself if the right footage on the one chance to film was not collated.

Week 1 AWF

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Day 1   3/4/11

First day, first impressions the house seems liveable and the people here really friendly. Ed who runs the projects that I will be doing is not here at the moment but he will be arriving later in the week so we can share our thoughts on what we would like to do and he will enlighten us on any projects that he has in mind. In terms of projects to do Yasmin, Adam and I have been in discussions over the last few weeks about what we would like to do and today we spoke about and clarified the major projects we would like to go through with;

–          Documentary on how the AWF formed; this would be really interesting to see as they have been ongoing for over 20 years now and it would be good to see why it started up, who’s idea it was, why the Whales/Dolphins in Tenerife? This would also give an insight into the work that the foundation does on a more valuable level to the audience given that there is some back ground.

–          Promo.Video; What AWF does – summarising in a couple of minutes what the AWF actually does in Tenerife and briefly mentioning the other projects which are currently being set up.

–          Promo. Video; What volunteers do?  This would give the public an insight into what they would do if they volunteer as this is one of the most daunting things about this project. I had an idea off people who had been previous to me and my group however it was not clear from the website nor researching exactly what it is we would be doing and this includes work other than individual projects  that the foundation are currently setting up in other countries.

–          Documentary – culture. If we had time it would be good to look at the culture changes in Tenerife particularly where we are staying in Arona a traditional little village with Spanish people compared to the ports for example where there are tourists seeing how the areas lifestyles etc differ and if in fact the workers at the port live in a more rural area or in a very touristic place where they work.

These ideas are good to be getting on with and there is other work other than the media work that we will be needing to do for the foundation so it will be good to see tomorrow at the induction how/where/what exactly this is. I think already that we will be working on some really good projects as talking to the people who are already here I can see them so enthusiastic about the work they are doing, so hopefully we will be able to go forth with some of our ideas and if not Ed has something in mind that will challenge us.


Day 2   4/4/11

Induction day has arrived. Today we were introduced to the ongoing research that the foundation conducts and documents on a daily basis into the Whales and Dolphins that are resident to the South Coast – Short Fin Pilot Whales and Bottlenose Dolphins. Also we looked at the research that we would be conducting on the boats 3 days a week. This was really interesting as before now I had very little knowledge of what sorts of research the foundation was doing and more importantly what I would be doing. Right now I am really excited to see how this works on the boats. The research we do is looking at the positions (using gps) and the behaviours of the dolphins and whales, documenting the time, wave height and various other factors that could affect their behaviour. In fact looking at this now thinking about the projects if we cannot go through with ours I hope that we have to work closely with the dolphins/whales are they are such beautiful animals, so it will be so uplifting to see them in real life later in the week. In terms of project work we have had no more thoughts at this point but will keep thinking about it as now we know that Ed will be joining us Friday, which gives us just enough time to settle in properly before the real hard-work and projects begin.

Day 3   5/4/11

After the Induction this was the first day on the boats. Prior to this I was a little nervous as all of the research tasks we had to do seemed scary at the time – data sheets for each interaction, getting the tourists involved, signing a petition, collecting fin shots and helping the crew on the boats. Royal Delphin was the first boat I went on and what a lovely crew they were making me feel settled very quickly.

In terms of media with my DSLR unfortunately for the interactions we had today I could not get close enough with my 18-55mm lense and there for could not get any decent fin shots. However a very lucky encounter occurred today and we were able to see one of the migrating species; Atlantic Spotted Dolphin. Even more fortunate this particular pod were very active riding the waves together as a group of four and porpoising simultaneously. Today I was unable to capture this on film but took more than enough photos to capture the event, but today taught me that for filming the Whales and Dolphins you really have to be on the ball and ready at any time – which is one of the reasons it is quite good filming on a DSLR as I can constantly wear it around my neck and it is easy accessible.

Although I did not get a lot of footage today I was able to take lots of photos and experiment a little; which you can see in my photo stream below.


Day 4   6/4/11

Second boat day and today was very different as I was on a much smaller boat (Eden). This small catamaran allowed us to get up close and personal with the whales/dolphins as they would approach the boat. This is a really valuable point as should the projects I eventually run need this then it would allow us to gain some really good footage. Another good point about this week is that all of us media students were on separate boats which was useful as it meant that we could see which boats were best for seeing what, as they do slightly different trips.

Also in terms of possible projects we discussed already I can see some characters on the boats that would be able to tell us about life at the port and just how touristic/non-touristic it is given the places the individuals live – should we think in more depth about the culture documentary. This week was important to get used to work on the boats and already I can see difficulties with filming should we need to on the boats as you are constantly busy and each boat crews expect differently of us. So for example usually on the Eden they expect  a lot of us/tourist communication where we may have to do a speech  to explain all of the dolphin/whale facts – which is really interesting and good to do and will certainly develop my people skills just it defeats the object of filming as precious moments like this you cannot film as you have to talk.


Day 5   7/4/11

Again today was a very different day and coming back to what I said each boat expects differently and it is very true. Onboard Free Bird One today I found myself doing more work for them rather than enjoying the sights of dolphin/whales and taking down the data. It immediately striked me that this boat will be difficult to film on unless there are 3+ volunteers on board due to the amount of jobs that we have to do in-between interactions. Also I noticed here that because of the boats layout it was difficult to capture as on the lower deck when there was an interaction all tourists surrounded the sides so we were unable to see and we could not stand on the sides and from the second deck it was quite high over so footage had to have parts of the boat in it and was from quite a distance.

On a final note I am feeling a lot better about talking to the tourists about the work that the AWF does and can already see that by the end of the placement how my confidence will change for the better.


Day 6   8/4/11

Ed finally arrives and the project discussion begins. First of all we had a major group meeting where others could show the work they had been working on which was really good to see although they were not media students (Graphic Design) but the process of showing and gaining feedback was really helpful for them and in the for coming weeks will be something that we will do too.

So on with the discussion first of all, all 5 of us media students that were there at this point sat down and pitched our ideas (as I mentioned previously in day 1). These were not taken so greatly by Ed as he already had some projects he wanted us to pursue in mind. However although they were not accepted I am glad we were able to discuss them so that should he want to use these in the future he can, or should we return again we could perhaps work on them then.

On with the task in hand; there were two projects he pitched to us which were up to our own discussion to think about over the weekend before the finalisation meeting on Sunday.

–          Promo. Videos for the boats the AWF volunteers go out on to help the boat companies bring in more revenue and also the AWF would take some commission from each sale but not as much as wider known holiday making companies. These would then be placed on a website which one of the Graphic Design students is working on called Whale Watching in Tenerife where tourists can book online. (This I think looks like it could be a good project should the right permissions be put in place and as Ed has already mentioned the boats are already aware that the AWF will be doing this in the for coming months.)

–          Teide Challenge – creating a video to raise awareness as to what the public can do to help the AWF to raise money, one being the Teide Challenge whereby they would come and stay at the AWF for a week for free work with the team and conduct the Challenge (in return for the money they raised). (This looks like another great project and after a short think about it the amount of filming between the two projects as the 5 media students we will have to delegate roles and also possibly split into the two projects to make workloads easier. In addition to this the Teide Challenge is something that we are all doing while we are out here so should we not be filming we will be a part of the process).


Hereward Rough Cut

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Today we showed Paul and Mandy the rough cut which Yasmin and I have been working extremely hard on together and already have clocked up around 60 hrs editing.

Their reactions were mostly overwhelmed they were so pleased with what we had put together and most importantly how it works. Although a lot of the images are not right as we still need to shoot some cutaways the structure with the sound is there.

I am so pleased with the progress so far although it has taken a lot longer than I had expected I can already see how positive the outcome will be eventually. Steve was also at the meeting and he was extremely pleased with the work we had produced but also with our attitudes towards the project and how we had ran it on our own without consultation.

So what needs changing; there are quite a lot of problems with the sound as it jumps and also in different locations on different shoots the sound changes slightly, shot composition in the interviews (which is something I already knew and was trying so hard to be explicit about during the shoot but with being Interviewer as well and Director it became a challenge to keep an eye on everything as I needed to engage with the students being interviewed), grading in places, sharpness of shots and more cutaways. Well as it stands with cutaways we do not have as many as I thought we had there for a re-shoot is in need and for this I would like to capture;

– Front of college

– HC flower bed

– General Campus

– Performing Arts/Media signs

– Students opening ambitions letters

– Charley walking to his accomodation

– Frankie Editing

– Students at work

– Andrew walking Wickes

Following this there are some very important dates to keep an eye on;

04/05/11 Re-shoot at the college

17/05/11 Final Edit Complete

19/05/11 Screening

Montage of Beautiful Things

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The final stages of the module are coming together and I feel like I have produced some really good quality videos that I am proud of. In addition to this the process and development stages that I have gone through for each of the words has further improved the final product, as had I not followed the process  I think a lot of the pieces I produced would have been rushed and not give the message I have put across in each video as effectively.

When I first set out to edit there were two videos in particular that I already knew I wanted to include in the final montage. This was because I was proud of the beautiful shots I had captured and some of the moments in the individual edits worked well in terms of what I wanted to create. One of my favourite individual words was ‘light’ as I had been wanting to produce a video around candle light and fire since the beginning and this was the perfect opportunity to do just that, discovering the journey that fire goes on from the initial flame to it floating away into the distance as a lantern. Below are a couple of shots I have pulled out from my previous edit that I will insert into my final montage;

The reason why these images above were picked out were because in image 1 I liked the overlapping of the clips of the match catching fire to the flames burning away then the images of the lantern as the fires journey begins to see it floating away in the distance which I think is a really nice shot and gives the viewer time to think and enjoy the film.

Within my final montage I have only included pieces from three of the words – light, city and symmetry. The reasons for this are because these were the words where I felt I had excelled myself best and had created something beautiful. During the first edit I went through all of the footage and pictures that I liked and inserted them into the time line in a new sequence. I split up the clips in various different ways and generally played with the footage to see what shots worked best next to each other and looked closely at how the still images I captured from ‘city’ would fit in with the rest of the moving images. This was a good way to experiment in the edit and I did not insert music until last so that I could edit to a pace that I thought would suit the montage which meant that when it came to music selection I had to be clever not to drown out what the images themselves were saying. After four different versions of the montage I was finally happy with the produce and the final product can be seen below. During the changes between each version I over came problems with my key framing, jump cuts and grading which were all only minor problems but made the outcome look very unpolished. For example on a couple of the stills I had inserted key frames onto them so they moved slightly, when viewing back on the export I could see the black background where the image had moved too much, this also went for some of the candle shots as the frame size was an inch or so smaller than the actual frame and therefore the flame did not look like it was on going but looked as though it were in a tight frame in the middle, which is what I wanted to disappear.

In terms of my progression I feel like I have developed my skills and my way of working a lot and this is mostly through the developmental procedure I went through for each of the videos I produced allowing me to put my work into context. Also the research stage has allowed me to look up to other peoples work and not just this but compare and contrast where my work would stand if I tried to distribute it. This is where I had to look carefully through the videos I had produced in order to select the best shots for my montage as although it would have been good to include more words in the final piece I think if I had  it would have made the final outcome look very amateur. In addition to my selection skills I have also learnt new skills in editing working with new effects, grading in more depth and key frames (which I have never used before), also various means of production technically – I have been able to try out stop motion, using a DSLR with skill rather than just shooting and thinking about the composure of shots during the shoot. I feel like I have progressed a lot and feel a lot more confident about going out on my own to produce a piece as this module has stretched me and has allowed me to work solo on some pieces which has been great in terms of becoming more familiar with the different cameras such as the JVC-700’s as practice does indeed make perfect and this is one of the cameras I was least sure about yet now I feel I could go out and use it to benefit me. Looking back I have enjoyed the task of making a new video every week however sometimes it was a little tight trying to produce every product and going through the pre/post production in such detail. The final montage is a piece I am proud of and is something I can develop in the future and use some of the footage in my show reel, where I will bring together footage from a lot of the modules I have done through the course but also extra projects I have been involved in outside of the university to show what I can do out of constraints.

The Final Cut

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During this last week we have worked extremely hard to bring the edit together with adding the new sounds we recorded, adding the poem, music, grading and generally cutting down shots to make it run more smoothly. Whilst watching the final edit today I came to realise just how well we had worked together to achieve the final product, as I could see how all the elements of our roles had come together and the structure and journey of emotions through the film finally came together which for the film we were working on is an achievement in itself without giving it away at too much of an early stage.

I am really pleased with how the group has come on and how well we have worked together as a team, it just goes to show delegation works best as sticking to our roles yet asking for help as and when needed has made the process come together smoother than I could ever imagine. This was particularly shown during the casting process although Lydia’s names role was Casting/Locations it came to a point where there was too much to do and I contacted housing companies and Tesco’s constantly until we gained feedback on permissions from them while other group members researched other companies we could approach, also with casting we each found further sites/forums/associations/people we could contact and each sent out the master casting call letter. Without the delegation here I could have seen us falling apart quite easily.

In terms of delegation as well as my position as Producer I think I fulfilled my role quite well, keeping on top of paper work and making sure that each time we met we had an action plan to discuss and went away with an action plan to research/work on until the next meeting, also trying to guide the group in the right direction in discussions and on a weekly basis on the films progression. I have enjoyed taking on this role again and feel it is something I would quite possibly like to do in the future. I like this role because I like to be able to plan ahead in terms of scheduling and keep on track of productions as a whole but also help where needed in other departments. As whole we tried to stick to our roles and I think that we did this very well and gave us the chance to see how important each of the crew roles are and how they interlink with one another.

If I could go back and change the film there are a few moments that I would re-shoot; for example some of the close-up reaction shots particularly in the kitchen as the angle they are currently shot in are slightly strange as most are hand-held as we did not have enough room in the area we filmed to place the tripod like when we filmed the shot from under the cupboard looking up at Daniel as he checks his list – initially this was to be shot from inside the cupboard but the cupboard was too small for the camera to fit. Also sound which particularly in the house and supermarket were a problem as there is quite a lot of buzzing in the background and for some reason when we filmed the settings were set on the camera so that channel 1 and 2 sound were joined therefore in the edit we had the clear sound of the radio mic and the noisy buzzing from the rifle, which is something to also think about and look at in the future. These are just a few issues that when resolved we will be able to distribute it to a film festival as we suggested in the beginning, which is quite an experience in itself. All in all I am very proud of the piece we have produced and like to think that I have learnt a lot from this process now that I can work in a much more professional manner and cut out a few more silly mistakes which are made along the way (like our overcoming with the casting).

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